Saffron Price in London: A Guide for Discerning Cooks

Saffron, the "king of spices," adds a touch of luxury and unique flavor to any dish. But with its delicate threads and labor-intensive harvesting, it's no surprise saffron carries a premium price tag. If you're looking for saffron in London, you've come to the right place! This guide will explore saffron pricing in London, factors that influence cost, and where to find the best value for your money.

Saffron Prices

Why is Saffron Expensive?

Several factors contribute to saffron's high price:

  • Labor-intensive harvesting: Each saffron thread is hand-picked, making it a time-consuming process.
  • Low yield: A single crocus flower produces just a few threads.
  • High demand: Saffron's reputation for quality and unique flavor keeps demand high.

  • Saffron Price Ranges in London

    Saffron prices in London can vary depending on quality, quantity, and origin. Here's a general breakdown:

  • High-Grade Saffron (£5+ per gram): This is the most prized saffron. Also known as Super Negin, boasting vibrant color, strong aroma, and powerful flavor.
  • High-Grade Ironed Saffron (£6+ per gram): This is the exactly the same as Super Negin saffron. However, all saffron threads are being processed to be ironed and flatten. This process will help saffron threads keep their taste and aroma for a longer time.
  • Mid-Grade Saffron (£4-£5 per gram): Offers a good balance of quality and price. This grade is known as Negin saffron.
  • Low-Grade Saffron (Under £4 per gram): May have weaker color and aroma, suitable for lighter applications. This type of saffron threads are named as Sargol saffron.
  • Expired Saffron (Under £2-£3 per gram): "unfortunately, expired saffron are also being sold for cheap prices!

  • Important Considerations When Buying Saffron

  • Quality: Look for vibrant red threads with minimal yellow or orange.
  • Origin: Iranian saffron is widely considered the best, but Spanish and Afghan varieties also offer excellent quality.
  • Quantity: Saffron is incredibly potent. A little goes a long way, so consider buying smaller quantities initially.

  • Where to Find Saffron in London

    While some supermarkets carry saffron, for the best selection and quality, consider specialty spice shops or online retailers like Saffron.London (shameless plug!).
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