Are You Looking to Elevate Your Cafe's Menu and Attract Discerning Customers?

Consider the Power of Saffron.
At, we understand that cafe owners like yourself are constantly striving to innovate and offer a unique experience to your customers. They crave high-quality ingredients that elevate their everyday coffee and tea routine, and that's where saffron comes in.

Saffron Cafe

The Allure of Saffron:

    Luxurious Aroma and Flavor: A single thread of saffron infuses beverages and desserts with a warm, honeyed aroma and a subtly sweet, floral taste. It adds a touch of sophistication that sets your offerings apart.

    Discerning Clientele: Saffron is a highly sought-after spice, associated with premium experiences. By incorporating it into your menu, you attract customers who appreciate quality and are willing to pay a premium for it.
    Versatile Ingredient: Saffron goes beyond traditional dishes. Infuse it into lattes, cappuccinos, golden milk, or even create signature saffron-infused pastries and cakes. The possibilities are endless! Your Trusted Partner for Cafe-Grade Saffron

We understand the importance of consistency and quality for cafes. That's why we offer:

    Restaurant-grade Saffron Threads: Sourced directly from trusted growers, our saffron is guaranteed fresh, potent, and delivers the vibrant color and flavor your customers expect.
    Competitive Wholesale Pricing: We offer volume discounts to ensure you get the best value for your investment.
    Reliable Supply: With a steady supply chain, you can confidently feature saffron on your menu without worrying about stockouts.

Ready to Take Your Cafe to the Next Level?

We invite you to partner with and unlock the potential of this extraordinary spice. Contact us today for a customized quote and let's discuss how we can help you create a truly unforgettable experience for your customers. Please contact us via email on

1 gram of pure Saffron

Pure Premium Saffron - 1 Grams

Indulge in the luxurious taste and aroma of premium saffron. Golden Threads saffron is hand-picked from the finest saffron flowers.

2 grams of saffron with no Additives

Premium Saffron Threads - 2 Grams

Indulge in the ultimate culinary experience with our premium saffron threads. Harvested from the finest saffron flowers.

3 grams of 100% pure saffron saffron

Pure Premium Saffron - 3 Grams

Our premium quality Persian saffron boasts a vibrant red hue, potent aroma, and unmatched flavour.

4 grams of finest real saffron

Pure Premium Saffron - 4 Grams

Elevate your meals with our premium quality Persian Saffron! Our 4g package contains only the finest hand-picked saffron threads

5 grams of premium pure saffron

Pure Premium Saffron - 5 grams

Pure A grade Saffron is handpicked from the high-altitude farms of Khorasan. With its intense aroma, brilliant color, and distinctive taste.

10 grams of fresh and pure saffron

Pure Premium Saffron - 10 grams

Indulge in the luxurious taste and aroma of the world's finest grade saffron threads. Contains only the highest quality saffron.

20 grams of grade A saffron

Pure Premium Saffron - 20 grams

Elevate your cooking and culinary creations with our Pure Premium Saffron - sourced from the world's finest saffron fields.

30 grams of pure saffron

Pure Premium Saffron - 30 grams

Our Pure Premium Saffron is hand-picked from the finest parts of the flower to ensure superior quality and rich flavor.